Hi! My name is Alexi Erenkov, and I teach fun and engaging music lessons from my Home studio in Petaluma and in-homes throughout the Bay Area to kids and their parents.

I have a BA in Jazz Studies, an MA in Elementary Education, and I’m Music Together certified!  I’ve been a full-time music teacher for the past 15 years and think it has got to be one of the best jobs in the world! I teach saxophone, clarinet, flute, guitar and ukulele. Lessons are taught in Petaluma from my home studio, in students’ homes throughout the East Bay and Peninsula, and online to people around the country and abroad! 

I’m passionate about making music fun and meaningful for my students. My goal is to help students grasp the basic building blocks of music so that they feel comfortable playing by ear, reading music, and improvising. My lessons always include songs my student’s personally request and are excited about and classics I think they’ll enjoy. I truly attempt to tailor my lessons to each individual student’s interests while still helping them master fundamental skills. Above all, I try to make music making meaningful, fun and relaxed. IMG_5502